I believe in the value and worthiness of all people, and my vision is that every person can come to the realization of their inherent worth. It is one of my core values to provide information, training, and practical tools to partner with individuals to achieve positive and lasting change in their lives.

At Positive Change Wellness Center, I offer individual and support group training in the areas of  

                  *Sexual Addiction Recovery

                  *Sexual Compulsive Behavior

                  *Shame Resilience



I believe in breaking destructive cycles and the power of our minds and bodies to create an atmosphere where great personal growth can occur. Although I do not hold licenses in the field of mental health therapy, I do have extensive training in the fields of Sexual Addiction, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, and Shame Resilience. I carry certification in Sexual Addiction recovery and Hatha Yoga.

Fee Schedule                  $70 hourly for individuals 

                                        $25 hourly for group

Credentials                      Sexual Addiction Recovery Training AACC

                                         Hatha Yoga   Aura Wellness

Please contact me today for more information. I hope to partner with you toward a future filled with hope.